Under the brand ‘Casabi Designs’ Chloé Smith creates homewares that are influenced by Japanese Aesthetics. Zen-like design qualities are of particular inspiration. The patterns seen on the items are inspired by Japanese Kimono, Architecture, Ceramics, Flora and Fauna. A 3-week research trip to Japan in the summer of 2015 to gather inspiration from all over the country was an extremely valuable experience which has undeniably influenced the direction of Casabi Designs.

Technologies and craft processes are used within the design methodology. Laser-cut patterns are applied to lathe-turned or CNC milled forms which are then cast in plaster to create moulds for slip-casting Earthenware, Porcelain or Parian clays. Each item is individually hand-made and finished to consistently ensure high standards.

Chloé/Casabi Designs was chosen to be part of Crafts Council's HotHouse 2017. Hothouse is the Crafts Council’s creative business development programme for up-and-coming makers. Over the last five years more than 200 participants have taken part and grown their businesses.
In its seventh year, the Crafts Council have selected 35 maker businesses covering a broad range of disciplines including nine jewellers, six ceramists, six textile makers, three glass makers, and five furniture makers.

Chloé is undertaking extensive R&D in Japan in 2018/2019. Watch the social media channels for updates on her travels.