Travelling around Japan for 3 weeks in the Summer of 2015 provided inspiration and influences that have been used in the design and creation of the homeware ranges.

The route taken is shown below:

Tokyo (3 days) / Mt Fuji


Takeo-Onsen / Arita

Yamaguchi / Iwakuni

Hiroshima / Kurashiki

Okayama / Himeji

Kobe / Nara

Kyoto (3 days)

Hakone / Yokohama

Yamagata / Morioka

Sapporo / Otaru

Tokyo (3 days)

Colour swatches extracted directly from the photographs taken of a variety Japanese inspirations whichwere translated into a graphic to decide on successful colour combinations for the Shokki cups.

A blog was written about the trip & can be found here