The Hakudo Range was designed specifically to diffuse LED lighting in order to make it more suitable to domestic environments. The quality of light is reminiscent of the soft glow of paper lanterns and screens used in Japan. The diffusers are designed to be used as accent or statement lighting rather than central light source for a room.

The Hakudo range includes a small pendant diffuser, Large Table diffuser, and Stacking Diffusers. The Stacking Diffuser is currently in the prototype stage and could potentially be a completely customisable lighting system which utilises 4 different patterns and 2 colours of wooden rings. The patterns seen in the Hakudo Range are the ‘Hakone’ (combination), ‘Ibitsu’ (rounded), ‘Koushigara’ (lattice) and ‘Sankaku’ (triangular). There is a choice of 4 patterns for the ceramic sections and 2 types of wood

The patterns are influenced by figured silks used in traditional Japanese Kimono. The diffusers are individually slip-cast in Parian and hand-finished.